IOST Dapp List

We are compiling a list of all the new DAPPS building on IOST below. If you know of a new DAPP that is not listed please contact us to have it included or let us know on Twitter or in Telegram.

Confirmed DAPPS

DDEX – Decentralized IOST Exchange

Endless Game – Gaming

Realm 10 – Gaming

Crypto Derby – Gaming

Crypto Ninja – Gaming

Crypto Heros – Gaming

IOST Joy – Gaming

Liar Game – Gaming

Cell Evolution – Gaming

Berminal – Crypto News

Bermi – Video Platform

Rate3 – Cross Chain Stable Coins


BlueHill Investments

Below are some DAPPS that Bluehill have made investments in. Although not yet all confirmed to be building on IOST, Bluehill is investing in the IOST ecosystem and helping projects transition to developing on IOST.

ContentBox – Content Platform

Plair – Gaming

Origo – Privacy Protection

Covalent – Privacy Protection

Lambda – Data Storage

Certik – Security


IOST Wallets

Wallets have been confirmed to support main net IOST tokens and are committed to the IOST ecosystem. List will be updated when new wallets are confirmed. Wallets listed here should not be considered recommendations. Make sure to do your own due due diligence before depositing tokens into any wallet.

Huobi Wallet

Token Pocket



Trust Wallet

Monarch Wallet

Magnum Wallet




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